Who We Are

One Eighty is a weekly gathering of our middle school students, grades 6th-8th. We are dedicated to providing a place for these students to connect with God, with other students, and with trusted leaders who truly desire to see them grow closer to Jesus as they navigate through the tough transition period of early adolescence.

What To Expect

We meet on Sunday mornings during the teaching portion of the 9:15am & 11:15am services with the goal of challenging our middle school students to apply biblical principles to their lives. Our students start off in the main auditorium with the adults for worship. Typically they sit together in the back few rows, but your student(s) are welcome to sit with you throughout worship. After worship they head over to the youth space (North Building), along with our middle school leaders where the group starts off with the students playing a game together. Next we do a 15-20 minute discussion from the Bible that correlates with the monthly topic we are currently talking through, and wrap discussion up with an opportunity for students to receive prayer. With the remaining time we have the students socialize and play games together.

Our middle school group also has monthly events we do because we believe that it is important for students to develop meaningful friendships, outside the context of Sunday morning alone, with other students who follow Jesus.