When you drop off your child in the nursery, they will be received and cared for by teachers and helpers we know and trust, and who have been thoroughly trained by our Kids' Program director and team leaders. Our tablet-based check-in system provides for a safe and secure drop off and pick up of your child at the classroom. It also enables us to page you by placing the last five digits of your phone number on the screen in the auditorium.

When and how can I place my child in the nursery?

Our nursery workers will be ready to welcome your child up to 15 minutes before the service begins. You can drop your child off any time during the service.

If it is your first time at Clear River, you can register with one of our coordinators at the entrance to the kids’ space.

After registering, you can drop in and meet the teachers and helpers that will be caring for your child. Your child's teacher will ask questions to help them effectively love and nurture your kids so you can enjoy the adult service. You may leave a diaper bag with your child and provide any directions regarding naps, feeding, or allergies. We have a private area for nursing moms attached to the nursery for your convenience.

During service our teachers and helpers lead the 12 to 24 month babies in simple curriculum designed to teach them basic truths of the Bible through the repetition of fun activities and games.

Shortly after the adult service ends, you should return to your child's class with the parent receipt you received when checking them in earlier. The nursery workers will have your child smiling and ready for you when you arrive.

Curious about what to do if your child is sick? Try reading more about the Clear River Kids' Health Policy.