Shouts of excitement, earnest conversation, and eruptions of laughter mark a typical weekend in our elementary class. As your children grow in maturity, we provide increasingly fun and impactful Biblical training at Clear River to encourage and strengthen them.

We begin each service with kindergarten through 5th grade together to provide an opportunity for your kids to develop friendships during free playtime and a large group game. Then a live worship team leads our kids in learning how to worship God through music. After worship and an introduction to the Bible text, the kids gather in small age appropriate groups for interactive activities and discussions.


During the small group breakout time, the kindergarten to 1st graders focuses on understanding and applying the Bible to their life through an interactive Bible story and activity. The teacher also leads a time of prayer where children learn how to pray for one another, their families, and friends.


This age focuses on exploring the Bible text and main point through a game, craft, or experiment during their small group breakout session. The teacher also leads a short discussion focused on helping the kids understand how to apply the Bible to their daily lives. Our hope is that the kids are making real friends among their peers, and learning how to practically worth through life challenges in a Biblical manner.


After the large group worship and teaching, the 4th and 5th graders spend the remaining time working through and discussing the Bible text. We know our these kids are ready for thoughtful conversations about the truth of the Bible and how they can live it out day to day. These conversations form the core of our curriculum for the 4th and 5th grade class. They also spend time praying for one another with the teachers and helpers.