Zach Miller
Lead Pastor
Zach has been at Clear River since the very first day we held public services in 2006. He is the lead pastor and his responsibilities include preaching and teaching, leadership development, overseeing other pastors, and long term vision. He and his wife Emi have three kids. In his spare time, he likes to build things and remodel his home.
Bobby Malicoat
Staff Pastor
Bobby leads the Monday and Tuesday night discipleship communities as well as overseeing multiple staff members. Bobby takes dance lessons with his wife Brittany and is an avid board game player. He has two sons, Lincoln and Caleb.
Logan Praay
Staff Pastor
Logan leads one of our Wednesday night discipleship communities as well as overseeing our kids’ church director, campus outreach, newcomer welcome, and the Clear River bookstore. Fun fact: Logan can do a stellar Elmo impression. He enjoys lifting heavy things and then putting them back down, spending time with his wife, Katie, all outdoor sports, drinking coffee, cooking, and reading.
Alan Yang
Staff Pastor
Alan oversees all of our small groups, discipleship communities, and prayer team. He also leads a Wednesday night and Thursday night discipleship community. He and his wife Marissa have two girls, Lylah and Alice. Alan is a bandwagon sports fan and lives by the philosophy that life is short, so there’s no reason to suffer by following a team that’s terrible.
Jimmy Yo
Staff Pastor
Jimmy leads one of our Tuesday night discipleship communities and oversees Sunday Morning Service Teams, Serving Integration, and our Grocery Assistance Program. Born and raised in California, Jimmy enjoys the outdoors, working out, researching how to grow different kinds of plants and spending time with his wife Taylor and their dog Zoey.
Pete Carey
Facility Coordinator
Pete manages and maintains Clear River’s facilities and property. He also leads our Sunday cleaning, setup and teardown teams. Pete is always juggling many projects, but his next big one is remodeling our North Building and offices. Back in the day Pete narrowly missed hitting a squirrel and porcupine in the same day while snowboarding. He and his wife, Lillian, have a daughter named Daisy.
Emily Gillis
Event Coordinator
Emily coordinates and plans all of the events at Clear River Church. She also oversees getting people connected to serving at Clear River and you may find her doing announcements on a Sunday morning. Emily is usually wearing all black, loves cooking (currently perfecting her pizza making), drinking good coffee, reading, and has a love for all things glittery.
Lee Gooding
Media, Graphics & IT Administrator
Lee is responsible for everything related to technology, our website, and graphics. He and his wife Tiffany have one son, Isaac. Lee is ¼ Italian and likes to build stuff in his free time.
Mikaela Allan
Kids Church Coordinator
Mikaela is in charge of running Clear River Kids, our Sunday morning program for nursery age through 5th grade, and is responsible for making sure our kids’ experience is safe, fun, and full of Biblical truth. In her spare time she enjoys hanging out with her husband Matt.
Justin Kibler
Youth Leader
Justin oversees and leads both our middle school (OneEighty) and high school (Revolution) groups. He also manages our database, leads a small group, works on software and database development, and oversees International Connections events. Justin enjoys spending time with his wife Jackie, building things, volleyball, and all things Marvel movies.
Chad Musser
Worship leader
Chad has been on staff since 2011. In addition to leading worship and training new leaders at Clear River, Chad helps coach other worship leaders in our network of churches. In his free time Chad enjoys playing Ticket to Ride and spending time with his wife Stacey and son Ezra.
Kalli Noerenberg
Kalli works part-time as the bookkeeper at Clear River Church. She loves spending time with her husband, Ryan, and son, Levi, crocheting, and going for a run.
Meg Piekunka
Childcare Coordinator
Meg trains and organizes childcare workers for all events and small groups at Clear River. She also oversees Kids Summer Adventure and takes care of planning and coordinating special events for Clear River Kids. Meg loves hanging out with her husband Matt and dog Myra, working on projects around the house, and crafting.
Leah E. Wilfong
Women's Leadership Coordinator
Leah works part-time helping develop women leaders at Clear River. Fun fact – she has been skydiving and loved it! When Leah isn’t chasing around her two little girls with her husband Gabe, she enjoys napping, running, and reorganizing.